The story of Koenoh

A tale of pokemon travels through Koeno, a combination Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh

I awoke with a start. I stared up at my midnight black ceiling. All around me was darkness and silence, yet something had awoken me. The sound of a door slamming. A muffled voice broke the silence, it was the voice of one my neighbour, the well-established Professor Elm. He lived in his labratory with his three colleagues, Oak, Birch and Rowan. What would he be up to a this hour.

"ROAR!" something squeked in a failed attempt to be scary. It was soon silenced by a shush from Professor Rowan. He was involved as well? Something was going on.

I crawled out of bed and stared out of the window onto a slumbering New Littleleaflet Town. All the village was coated a calming black, except for the lights emitting from a truck. This truck was parked in front of the proffessors house with a swirly-haired woman at the wheel. My jaw dropped when my four humble neighbours opened up the boot and began unloading crates. Inside were no goods or products, inside were pokemon!

There were twelve in total, each one very small and cute, and none reaching taller than a metre. The female driver got out to reveal her white lab coat and began talking to my neighbours. She reached in for more pokemon, but the proffesors stopped her. She frowned before getting in the truck and driving off. Twelve pokemon arriving at the lab, and some more stopped. How curious. I must tell my friends about this.

The End

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