A (Not-Quite Concise) Conclusion

And there they were, all three, Rani, Bob and their mother, laughing and rolling about on the floor as the squishy booger danced away in the cupboard looking particularly pleased with itself at being an entertainer of the pink things with four long feelers. It waved at the tables and chairs of Rani’s kitchen and, with a wink, was gone, leaving the three in happy tears, though all bemused at what had happened.



Luke eventually found the wizard his long journey had taken him to find and, after relating his story to the ancient man, the wizard fulfilled all Luke’s expectations of him, even bringing little Lancelot back with a squeak and a sweep of a wand. The wizard also managed to upright any misused furniture and sort out any stray boogers that might have been lurking.

From her place in nothingness, Madame Blunt screeched that she had never got her hands back on the orb and its contents; secretly she tried to summon the bunch of monsters that she had been behind creating, in order to try and stop Luke, but the fairies, the good ones, pushed her back into the bleak nothingness, satisfied that she would never get out to ruin a boy’s life again.

As for the other creatures and helpers of the night, well, Luke never saw them again, and it was as if they had slipped off the face of the earth entirely…drifting themselves into someone else’s story.

The End

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