Signs and Squealing

The waving thing was jumping up and down inside the woman's eyes, clearly rather desperate. Luke blinked, bemused, and waved back at it with one hand, while clamping his head against his shoulder with another to block out the woman's screaming. The little thing in her eye was clearly trying to convey some sort of message, but Luke couldn't make head or tail of its gestures.

The woman's screaming didn't help either. Luke finally snarled and let go of his ears.

"SHUT UP!" he screamed.

The woman didn't answer. Luke snarled and walked up to slap her across the face, but the moment his hands touched her skin, she exploded into a million tiny fragments. He staggered backwards in alarm, thinking "oh god, I've killed her, what have I done!" Then, in the middle of the pile of multicoloured fuzzy confetti, he saw a tiny figure jumping up and down in glee. Luke crouched down and peered at the thing, only for it to leap onto his face and start kissing the bridge of his nose.

Luke jumped up in surprise, and the little thing let out a high-pitched squeal. However, the squealing didn't stop, even when Luke held perfectly still.

Great, he thought. Back in square one again.

The End

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