The Unseen

The lady was too busy staring into the middle distance to hear a word Luke said. He opened his mouth to call to her again, but was rapidly distracted by another strange rippling laugh coming from somewhere in the trees. He whipped around and raised his fists, as if he were in a boxing ring.

"Who's there?" he demanded.

No answer. The lady remained completely impassive beside him, as if she had turned to stone. She seemed to be listening hard, but for what Luke couldn't tell. The giggling came again, and Luke felt shivers run down his spine. Whatever it was was getting closer.

"Show yourself!" He shouted. He would have felt cool for sounding so dramatic, but at that moment he was rather more concerned with finding their unseen foe.

Then, suddenly, the air was split in a long, loud, horrible scream.

The End

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