The Story Game I

The protag. version of one of my very favorite writing games. Be sure to read the instructions before diving in!

This game involves secrecy and NOT knowing what came before. I've been thinking of starting it here on protag for a long time now.  From what I've heard, the surrealists invented this game.

The pen/paper version of the game involves one person writing the first sentance of a story, then the next person reading that sentence and writing the second sentence. Then the paper is folded so that the third person can only read the sentence before his sentence. Each time the paper is folded so that you can only read the sentence before the one you write. This can make for a wacky, ridiculous story.

How it's going to work on protagonize: Instead of a sentence, you must write between 140 and 340 characters. You must NOT read all the pages before yours, but if you want to join in, you just click the "Last Post" button. Then you read that, and write the next page.

After you've written your page, you have a choice. You can, a) read all the chapters in the story, and forfeit any further involvement of your own, or b) wait until at least 3 or 4 more pages have been written, then join in again. You MUST wait until at least 3 or 4 pages have been written, because otherwise you will know too much about the current story.

Well, that's the description. I'll be writing the first page of the story in the next page. Don't read it, unless you are the first person to add. You'll see a breakdown of the rules in the author guidence. Read those, too, before you join in.

Oh, and please, when you write you page, end in a full sentence. ie. don't do this:  "Bob felt something hitting his head, and then..."


The End

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