The Story Behind The Song

Alright, I only have fifteen minutes before I have to leave to go back to work, but I have to unload this idea on you guys before I do so.

Here's the plan, you pick a song and write a story (short or long) that is either highly based on the lyrics or is your interpretation of the lyrics in the form of a pro.


When I get back from work I'll start with Soundgarden's Burden In My Hand.


If you run past this before I get back, feel free to throw up your own story based on a song.

You have the choice to either challenge the community to guess which song you used, or to tell everyone right off the bat and see if they think it stands up to peer evaluation as being a good interpretation of said song.

Good luck!


P.S. : Don't forget to invite your friends to try their hand!

The End

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