Rhianna's Unfaithful

Rhianna was cheating on her boyfriend. 

One day she was doing her hair and her boyfriend came over.

"I won't be long, just hanging with the girls" she lied. But she didn't have to lie because they both knew that she was going to see her other boyfriend. And her boyfriend knew that she was cheating on him and it was killing him inside because he knew that she was happy with some other guy. 

And Rhianna didn't want to cheat on her boyfriend any more. She didn't want to be the reason that every time she went out he died a little more inside. And she didn't want to hurt him any more because if he got hurt any more he would die inside. 

And he loved and trusted her but she was cheating on him. She thought that she might as well just put a gun to his head and get it over with because he would die anyway because she was hurting him so much. 

But she didn't. Because she didn't want to be a murderer. 

The End

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