I'm Alive, the dream that inspired it.

In a round room with many levels made of marble.  a man holds his ground surrounded by many people holding weapons ready to shoot him.

" Never agian will I be dishonored, and never agian reminded that I living with them  in a world Of the jaded. You kill inspiration , and it my obligation to never agian allow this to happen." The man obviously outnumbered.

His enemeys become infuriated , and raise their guns agianst the unarmed man , they all fire simultaneously, he doesn't wince or move as the bullets all slam into his body jerking his body around. Afterthe storm of bullets the man still stands and removes a metal sweater that was now torn , and ripped but had no puncture holes.  He  runs forwards taking taking the first man out with incredible speed.  As the enemie's body falls to the ground he jumps up to the next level dodging weapon fire at an incredible rate. Until one lucky shot catches his arm and he tumbles to the ground. He hits the marble bottom with a solid thump. They all train they weapons on him but are ordered to back off by an unusaully lengthy man.

" Surrender yourself , and give your life up." He says

" No you don't understand." The lone man replys, " The thing I treasure most in life cannot be taken away. There will never be a reason why, I will surrender to your advice. To change my self I would rather die. Though you will never understand,You can't predict where the outcome lies. You will never take me alive!" He shouts and shoots upwards.

Taking out the lengthy man in a punch. They both hang in the air , and our lone man makes a quick twist in the air kicking the lengthy man through a marble wall. The armed men began to step back in fear. Only the living could do such a thing.

" You will never take me alive!I'm alive!" 

The End

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