Tsukiyo I believe means moonlite night in japanese if it doesn't could someone given me  the correct transulation. It was a word I found when I was looking for a phrase in the lauguage (never found that phase) for a story I was writing. ( oh the irony). My friends found it written in the back of my notebook and added it to my ever growing list of nicknames.  A first I thought another nickname I'll never get use to (there only four I actually answer to counting this one all listed on my profile). Then one day I made the mistake of showing them a picture I drew of the moon which lead them to calling me a moonchild, I got angry and told them I'd rather be called Tsukiyo than that....they took me seriously. Everytime I talk to them noew they say hey look Tsuki is here or look if it isn't little (and the mean little) Tsukiyo (all 6 feet tall if not higher). They moved away now to different countries now after an incident that happened, so my name is kind of like a tribute to them. A nickname that decribes me prefectly that I love yet yet hate. 

The End

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