The Story Behind Evangeline

A small girl strolled through Wal-Mart, tagging along far behind with her mother and sister. She weaved in and out of people -- the talent coming naturally after playing soccer for six consecutive years -- as she rushed to catch up with mother and the cart. The buggy was filled to capacity as they approached the checkout line.

Whenever she entered one of these lines, she would always quickly glance over the covers of magazines. Never for much of any importance, but simply to look for the familiar faces of celebrities. That day, a magazine advertising an article on the show she was obsessed with at the time, Lost, caught her wary eye. There was a picture of a woman only known to her as the character Kate Austin, on the cover. An interview with that lady about the show?

Scanning through the article, catching short glimpses into the future of Lost, she stumbled upon the actress’s name. A beautiful name, she realized, and one that definitely struck the young girls always-spiking interest.

“ ‘Evangeline’… I like that.”

And so, Evangeline was born.

The End

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