I have carried this title for a few years, not known by most of my friends, not really shared in "real" life. Despite the inclination to use this as most of my new "accounts" created on various sites, it is corny in its origins.

I started dating a guy, a big first person gamer- his handle was RedRum. As I attempted a few games myself (strategy is more my style), I came up with an innocent version of his name. Yes, I know that his has nothing to do with alcohol and at the age of 19 I did not even care for alcohol, much less white wine. I wasnt even very committed to the relationship.

But it has stuck. We are married now and I love wine in the evenings. I am still not a gamer and he may be the only person that knows this name I use. It still embarrases me to think I came up with something so cheesy.

Are you as lost as I am?

The End

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