Weird Magic...

To be absolutely honest, I really hadn't given much thought to my nick on protag 'coz I was kinda in a rush when I first created my account here. But maybe, it needs a little depth of thought.

The fact of the matter is that I am not like most regular girls my age. I am not a realist, neither a person who appreciates practicalities and sensibilities, but I am a dreamer. I still believe in happy endings and fairy tales. I still believe that good things always happen to good people. I am pretty sure that I would have believed in Santa had he been a part of my culture.

I believe in magic. The magic of love, the magic of life. The magic of a smile, the magic of laughter. The magic of a kiss, and yes, the magic of that one look which says all that there is to be said.

My magic is pure, my life simple. I think I am one of those persons who wants to be apart from the crowd even while continuing to a part of it. I think I am weird, and I think that my magic is as well.

I am a contradiction. And you?

The End

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