It really speaks for itself.
I am a nonconformist.
I refuse to make sense.
I am a freak, but I got over that a long time ago.
I will do my own thing.
I hold a strong dislike for the stereotypical "popular" attitude, pop music and judgmental people.
Yes I am a teenager, and that doesn't mean I want to stab you, is the attitude I adopt.
I just do what I do, and go with my friends.
Who, I must say do actually kind of ruin the image I try to give of being a decent person, despite being a teenager.
But still, they are my friends.
I seem to have this disturbing horrific side to me. I sometimes think that I really belong in a nice room, with soft yellow walls, and a nice jacket that I can't get out of.
But happily they haven't discovered me yet!
So that's the story behind my name.
I think. 

The End

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