Xada Storm, Jedi Knight

I was 11 when I started writing. I don't know how it started... it just did.

My first story. It was horrible. Completely dreadful. If you've read Two Heirs, I am ashamed to tell you that it was a lame beginning to this. Fortunately, our computer crashed and I lost the entire thing (I didn't know about backing up my work then.). I moved on to something else. Around this time, the prequel episodes of Star Wars were coming out. I watched them and became completely hooked on Star Wars. I read several novels from the Expanded Universe, and I decided to write my own story with the first real character I ever created: Xada Storm. She was a powerful and wise Jedi, based off myself, and I hoped that I could be just like her when I grew up. She became many of my user names, and is still one of my very favorite characters. I finished my first actual work with her, and after the depression set in when there was nothing to write, I started a sequel. I still haven't finished that 2nd installment in what I call the Xada Storm Chronicles, even though it's been more than 5 years since Xada and I have met, and I'm afraid that I'm putting it off only to prolong Xada's fresh life (so to speak).

Live long and-- oops. Wrong fandom. Excuse me; May the Force be with you!


The End

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