The clinking of swords, the falling of enemies, and victory over the opposition - these are a few of Mego's favorite things. Born Argon of York, he learned swordsmanship at the ripe age of 5, and later taught his friends the art of the sword. During his childhood, Argon read a fantasy book about a charismatic ruler names Mego, who united his people and defeated the forces of evil. Young Argon loved this book so much, he took on the nickname Mego.

On his 15th birthday, Mego traveled to mainland Europe and visited the Holy Roman Empire. During his stay, he learned of a call from Pope Urban II for all able swordsmen to help liberate the Byzantine Empire from Muslim control. Enthralled by the prospects of glory and salvation, Mego was quick to answer the call. He fought bravely in the Crusades, and played a key role in the West's relcamation of Jerusalem. 

During an important battle, while holding off Muslim forces from Jerusalem, a Muslim warrior armed with a bow fired a cursed arrow at Mego, killing him. The curse on the arrow prevented the young warrior from passing on to the next world, trapping him on this world as a spirit. A ghost, if you will.

Mego has taken on many forms throughout the centuries. Kings, priests, and peasants, he has been on every rung of the social ladder. Recently, Mego has learned that, to lift the curse, he has to tell his complete story to the world. In his latest incarnation, he plans to do just that. And now, he has chosen Protagonize as the starting point of his quest.

The End

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