The story of how my name came to be is pure and simple. The fisrt part: Hanna, is easy-its the name I was born with. And whilst some people might not like their name,  I came to love mine when I discovered the meaning behind it. 'Hanna' is a Hebrew name which means 'goddess of life', which is a brilliant idea. It is also Korean for one, making me the one and only goddess of life. Considering the fact that fantasy (the only genre you will find me writing in normally) is about creating life in a world that is by your own rules, it seemed kind of appropriate.

The 'Kingdom' part of my name came from my best friend. He inspired me to start wrtiting again when we met-and we have been friends ever since. Kingdom is his middle name-and so I adopted it for my writers' name. Putting HannaKindom together seemed to be a natural move, since it put together my love of writing and my friendships-which have shaped who I am today. Without my friends, I would certainly not be here now-and you would not have the (dubious) pleasure of reading all of my work now.

The End

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