Weird and not at all original...

I do have a good reason for choosing this name! When i was young, i always loved playing with toy guns and pretending to be a soldier. Of course, as i got older i had to have something else to occupy my time. When i was only 12, i joined the Royal Canadian Army Cadets, and i am still in it now. I love it a lot, and it is one of the few things that i can look forward too every week. Without it, i would always be bored, and i would have no fun. It is really one of the best things in my life, next to family, hunting, the outdoors, my dogs, and the other things i love with all my heart! So i guess that is why, when I'm about to make a username i think about "Cadets", hence "Cadet". Most people think it's lame, i i sometimes tend to agree, but it is something i am proud of and i would not give up. To me it is more than a group or a hobby.

The End

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