C3Lady--Crazy Cupcake Lady

As I went through the lunch line a few days before my school let out for Christmas break, I found a cupcake that looked like it was sticking out its tongue. I was having a bad day, and that cupcake made me giggle, so instead of eating it, I took its picture. Being the productive teacher I am, when my off period arrived, I gave the cupcake eyes, a nose, and eyebrows. With those additions, the little flour fluff suddenly had a gender (male), a personality (grumpy), and a name (Cafeteria Cupcake). He did not like me or the other teachers, and he especially did not like the administrators.

After the last bell sounded, I took more pictures of him and posted them on my facebook page. By the end of the day I had received several messages inquiring about Cafeteria Cupcake, and the next day, more comments and messages showed up in my notifications. In need of a diversion, I created a fan page for him and added more pictures. Christmas Eve arrived, and I took him to the mall to have his picture taken with Santa Claus. The next day, his fan base increased to100. By New Year's Eve, he had 100 more fans. By the time I posted pictures of his adventures in my city's downtown area, I was known as the crazy cupcake lady.

Now he has close to 350 fans from at least eight different countries. He also has a new bride, who has a bun in the oven and is expected to deliver their first batch of little cupcakes, as soon as the oven preheats, of course. At school, my 8th graders love him. Several have written stories about him. One wrote Cafeteria's wedding vows. Someone recorded a song for him. Cafeteria Cupcake makes my 8th graders act silly, more like children than adult wannabes. I love this.

My ex husband hates Cafeteria Cupcake and is quick to tell me that people are laughing at me. It doesn't matter. Cafeteria Cupcake makes me happy, and if that makes me the Crazy Cupcake Lady, then so be it.

**Go to Cafeteria Cupcake Does Not Like You on facebook to become a fan.**

The End

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