How I Became A Spy

My pen name  back in 1995 used to be Bradygirl7. That was when I was writing Days of Our Lives fan fiction. I had a yahoo account by that name. Long story short, someone hacked it. So, I had to come up with a new monicker. 

When I decided to get an AIM account not long later, I went with the name Tonispywriter. Basically, my name is Toni and I write about spies.

I had taken my original characters from one of my fan fics and spun them off into my own web serial that I started in 1998 called The Legacy. The Legacy is about an agency of spies.

The Legacy spun off into many other series and I jokingly call my cast the Legacy Universe. The spin off spy series are: Ambrose and Legacy of Spies. 

My other web series are: By Any Other Name, Web of Lies, Rita and the Dark Tower, and one of my most popular series: The Hollow.

And that's how I became a spy. :)

The End

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