OK my story isn't particularly exciting or interesting, a bit embarrasing, maybe but here we go.

I'm Lotti, formerly Charlotte but thanks to my good friend FabiendelMar I'm now Lotti.

So picture this, a normal day at school, me and my two best friends are sitting having lunch together as usual when we started talking about this story we were 'writing' (but that's a story for another day!) when suddenly we started making up silly rhymes for each others names, don't ask me why I really don't remember.

So anyway there we are laughing our heads off when someone says 'dotty lotti'.  This is then followed by my own personal rendition of Bobby Shafto but it's more Dotty Lotti (again another story for another day).

The name kind of stuck so now I'm some times knows as 'dotty my Lotti' or just Lotti.



The End

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