Well, it's not very good but...

I first came up with something similar as an MSN name. It was 'Em...xX'. Because my name is Emily. I came up with that because a few of my friends were doing this thing where you have to put a '...' in your name. But I forgot about that. Then when my friends (Element and Cherrywrite) introduced me to Protagonize and said it was really good so, since I was already writing a story on Word, I decided to join.

I started with trying 'Emily' but that was already taken, so I tried 'Em', but that was taken too. Then I tried some random stuff that I cant remember. But they were all also taken. B this point I was thinking God, how many people can think of such random names? AARRGGHH! 

And then someone MSNed me and when I replied I noticed that my name was still 'Em...xX'. So I tried that and it worked. But then I couldn't get to my profile, and neither could my friends! Then one of the administrators sent me an email saying that the '...' 'violated the terms of the site' or something like that, and disabled anyone from being able to access my profile, even me! And so he changed my name to 'Em.xX'. And I was given the option of changing it to something different but I liked that name so I kept it.


The End

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