People knew her as LemonyGood, which made a lot of sense, as she was made entirely out of lemons.

Her head was a lemon. Her hands were lemons. Her feet were lemons. Citrus peels dangled about her face, making up a yellowish head of hair. Her body was a lemon cake, dripping with curd.

Everywhere she went, people had different reactions. Many smiled in approval; many retreated into corners, trying to get the sour taste out of their minds. Nobody was quite sure how such a being existed, but exist she did. Her parents were surprised, but proud nonetheless.

Lemonygood's life was long, happy and fulfilled - her days spent selling lemonade, lemon curd, lemon cake - and bizarrely, bread. 'Because,' as she explained, 'as much as I like lemons, I think it's important to have other interests.'

Then she was eaten by a dog. Nobody cared.

The End

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