Okay here it goes. This is actually a true story. Fairly recent. I'm sorry if anyone finds it boring it just happened.

Okay to give some picture to this I'll elaborate a little.

It was sometime in June, in the early summer moments and last few weeks of school. The weather outside is beautiful. Nothing in the sky but that flaming ball of gas we call the sun. I recall wearing short shorts though my memory is a tad fuzzy. This youth group I go to was holding a small protest for gay rights so a very large group had went and done this. After we came back we ate burgers. At this moment in time I was currently dating this guy names Alex. Kat, Sarah, Alex and I were all exiting the youth centre to go get some food when we bumped into Veronica. Right there in the doorway I managed to be in the middle. None of us knew Veronica that well. She is very random. I was standing between Alex and Sarah, Veronica decided to go "Penis" while looking at Alex in a deep low voice, and say "Vangina" in a high pitch voice while looking at Sarah. She did this for a minute or so looking back and forth at them saying "Penis, vagina, penis, vagina..." Then suddenly she stopped... Looked at me.... Tilted her head... and said "QuestionMark?".  And it stuck.  At that youth group my name is not Maddee or Madeline or anything else but QuestionMark.

The End

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