Rachael Runes

The story behind this name is quite strange. I thought now its time to tell you the tale...*eerie music*

It all started one night when my family and I were finished with a long journey from Boston to North Carolina.  We were looking to settle here, and we had driven almost nonstop for days.  We wound through mountains, on lonely highways that never seemed to end, down rural country roads, on interstates that swarmed with travellers and massive semi trucks, and when we finally checked in to a hotel we were utterly exhausted.  It was a two room suite, and my room had a sofa bed.  It was rather comfy, and so I lay there in the darkness, letting the patterns of my thoughts drift wherever they wanted to go until they finally lulled me to sleep.

Instead, a stray thought popped into my head.

Rachael Runes, it seemed to whisper, and my heartbeat quickened slightly.

It felt...outsidish. I know that's not a word but I don't know how else to describe it. It came out of nowhere, and at the time I did not even know what a Rune was, nor was I planning on using it as my pen name. So I let my thoughts wander, trying to convince myself that it had only come from my head, my tired achy head.

And then it came again. Rachael Runes. Call yourself Rachael Runes.

And so I did. This strange thought had an almost insisting tone, for whatever reason, and I felt that it was just a name I should use whenever I get published.  One day I got curious as to what the word Rune meant, so I googled it. The word itself, if I recall correctly, means a secret or a mystery.  Something enigmatic.

That sounds about right, lol.   Some people do consider me a bit on the mysterious side, until they get to know me, and find out that I'm extremely weird. :)

There is also something known as the Runic Alphabet, which was an ancient way of symbol writing, a Germanic language, practiced by many cultures until the alphabet we use today was introduced. It was considered to be magical, was found on really old artifacts, and vanished with the introduction of Christianity.


The End

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