do you get a skin rash everytime you think of Love?...

It all began, on a dark and stormy night...

Ok so that's a little bit cliche- I'll just head straight to the point shall I? I'd tell my story through the medium of dance but there are two things wrong with that idea

1) You can't see me (unless of course you picture a girl with massive frizzy hair doing a silly dance)

2) I can't actually all!

So sorry about that.

Anyway, my name emerged from the 15th of October 2009, when I started liking this guy and it all went wrong, as it usually does for me. So I get my friend to tell him I like him when my drama teacher who thinks she's 17 but is actually 34 told me he had a crush on me. I got my so called 'friend' to tell him I liked him and she came back and said he liked me too. A month later whilst still pursuing him, he told me what he said to this so called 'friend' was that he didn't want a girlfriend.

Hence, my name is allergictothelovebug. Because once I catch the lovebug I come out in a nasty rash and need calamine lotion! Nah, not really. Love just never goes right for me, I guess. Bring on a less depressing name story now dudes, make it funny!

The End

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