Spocky or Spockeh?

Does my name actually come from Star Trek legend Leonard Nimoy's character Spock? Yes and no is the real answer. Allow me to expound:

Spockeh is a combination of three things: My love for the character Spock and what he means for nerds and geeks all 'round (I am one as some know); Second, my dog's name, which oddly enough didn't come from Leonard's character, it was uttered by me at my tender toddler years in clear oblivion of Nimoy's legacy and third: The -eh. Some believe that I put it on there because I knew that this was a Canadian based writing website and just wanted to blend in. THIS IS WRONG! I put it on there because I was tired of having Spocky730 as my user name for just about everything. Don't believe me? It's my UN for the following: World of Warcraft, Runescape, Xbox live and Bungie.net. I felt like having a little variation here and typed in Spockeh.

So ya, that's the story about my name. Ooh, and one more thing.

Live long and prosper

The End

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