I've used this name in so many web pages it is amazing. And you could say I am obsessed with it.

Late at night during the summer, I was doing my regular thing in Facebook when an advertisement of Protag popped up. Being the curious bunny that I am, I clicked on the link and was instantly hooked with this page. When the moment of picking a display name arrived, it didn't take long for me to pick.

Engelik is Danish for "Angelical". I have always been fond of anything that has to do with those magestic creatures, and I had started to learn Danish during that time, so I googled the translation of "angelical" in danish. No, I never really got any farther than being able to say "I can't speak Danish" in danish, but I had fun!

Hence my display name. No one ever calls me that, no one ever thinks of calling me that, and it doesn't sound like my real name at all. I just happen to love angels and different languages. Although, some people say I can be as innocent as an angel. But that's for them to decide and for me to chuckle at. I would love naming a future daughter with that name (if I ever have any).

- Engelik

The End

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