GoldenLilac. Sound simple? No, not at all.

I sat at the computer, mystified. Chickens, my favourite animal? Would I include them? No, it wouldn't sound permanent.

Shiney, my nickname? No, it just sounded like I had bad grammar.

What, then? I looked out the window, as I so often do, for inspiration. And then, I saw them. The lilacs, in full bloom, their boughs heavy with scented flowers. But I did not see their colour, it was only a greying sillouhette. What was behind them outshined their paltry colour. 

I saw behind them, the golden sun. The window faced east, and just above the lilacs the sun was there. I saw it's colour, and I saw the lilacs.

I knew it. An almost magic-like quality was in that scene. It seems to say to me, "Golden Lilacs, the beautiful Golden Lilacs."

Hence, my Protag name, and it's almost magical story.

The End

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