I would like there to be a long story about my name. But theres not.

My name is Amy as you can probably guess. And I have a dog called Tara but most people call her Taz... one of my friends calls me and Tara, Amazon and Tarzan because they sound like our names and Tarzan lives in the Amazon jungle (i think) yeah im not a BIG fan of Tarzan, like my brothers. I have twin brothers. They are eight, they love Tarzan, although they don't call Tara Tarzan.
I have always loved Fantasy stories and writing them. Like the two im writing now... I know im copying JRR Tolkien and JKRowling but im writing two about Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter... Those are my FAVOURITE movies and books. You can't beat a good old fantasy. The guy who plays Peregrin Took in Lord of the Rings is my Idol (Billy Boyd). I'd love to be a writer.

This hasnt really being explaining my name, has it? Just telling you what I like and my dogs nicknames. haha

see ya people

The End

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