Merging Reality with Fantasy

My name is all my hubby’s fault. It all started while we were dating; me still in college and he in his first ‘real’ job. Being well before either of us had cell phones, or decent long distance plans, he installed AIM on the computer he was lending me (technically gAIM, as it was a Linux box). Then he put me on the spot, asking me to create an account right then. The best I could come up with was ‘Thryn’ the last 5 letters of my first name.

The years go by, we move across the country and he starts playing Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC). In an attempt to get me to spend more time in the computer room with him tries to get me addicted to Sims. The attempt fails, but it does succeed in convincing me to play DAoC with him. And thus Elorie* was born, and so I became, for I’ve been using Elorie, in various renditions, in three different MMOs, along with the forums that go along with them.

When I joined Protagonize, neither my commonplace, real life, Thryn, nor my fantasy, who I pretend to be, Elorie seemed to fit. However, when I married the two into Elorithyrn (pronounced, to the best of my ability, L-or-e-TH-rin) it made perfect sense and feels like a cozy sweater on a chilly spring afternoon. 

* Why I chose the name Elorie is a story in itself, and is potentially confusing is you don’t know DAoC or Marrion Zimmer Bradley’s Darkover series. But feel free to read on anyway.

It all began with the search for a perfect name for my Dwarven Thane. Thane’s being lightning bolt throwing melee fighters, I immediately thought of Sharra, the main character in Stormqueen by Marrion Zimmer Bradley. Thrilled by my seemingly unique choice I tried it, and of course it was taken. So I tried Camilla, a strong willed warrior woman of Thendara House (another novel by Marrion Zimmer Bradley). Again the name was taken. So I dug deeper into Darkover’s history and discovered that Camilla had been born as Elorie, a noble lady destined for the Towers, until she left her aristocratic life due to a horrible and scaring ordeal.

The End

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