How I Became the Lion

The Lion is the king of the jungle, the one who rules. I like to think of myself as the leader, the commander of my writing, but in reality...

I am just a girl.

A girl born with a gift.

The gift of words.

I can weigh them and feel them, winding them around my pencil and scrambling them out on the paper, but somehow, they always come out just the way they were meant to.

I can bring light into the shadows and silence the storm with only a few tiny words. Words are beautiful. They pound through my head like a heart beating, spinning and dancing and laughing. Each word has it's own weight, color, texture, it's own story...and I know them like members of my family.

I like to, as a challenge, write a lot from men's point of view; write love poems that I think a man might give to a woman, yet still it has that tiny feminine touch, a drop of me woven within the string of letters.

I am the lion, the leader, the commander, and my words are my subjects, coming at my will to build what I imagine.

I am young, but I know this: 26 letters, and a wild imagination.

That's all you need.


The End

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