Ah--for many years, I was running under another online nick. Unfortunately, that nick was beaten to death by a insane Japanese Woman with oddly coloured eyes who spoke entirely in overly polite gibberish.

In real life, most people just referred to me as a Tart, a Trollop or a Harlot. I tried to deny it at first. It usually runs around a joke suggesting that insults, curses and swears in British styles generally are "better" because they sound nicer. It kind of plays on various censorship ideas--in that many British slurs are worse that North American counterparts. However, swear a blue streak to an American in British, and they are likely to think they are being complimented.

Though, during the time I was trying to say I was not really that much of a Lady of the Night, I had three guys that I was seeing, had a girlfriend and a guy in my bed. The guy that was sleeping in my bed, I did not actually sleep with. And it was not really a king, or queen size. Not even a double. No--this was a thin single bed. With me--and a guy, who I was not sexual with--we were just really good friends... and no, there was no benefits.

Eventually I was looking at a new handle. Somebody suggested Full Metal Harlot as a Kubrick reference. I went as Full Metal Harlot and KatrinaTheLamia alternatively (depending on the target audience of the site).

Typically with names like this, they get abbreviated to stuff like KTL or FMH. However, KatrinaTheLamia ended up going into Katrina, and Full Metal Harlot got shortened to "Harlot". Harlot became a lot more popular in real life than my real name. Which, I find kind of amusing.

It kind of takes meaning when you realise that I can run at a decent speed in high healled boots (sometimes referred to as "Hooker Boots").

I mean, considering I have issues talking and chatting on websites, without having several people become attracted to me--well, as far as Firefly characters go, at the very least I am Inara. Though, I am kind of scared that I may be more like Mrs. Reynolds >.>' (though, I would love to be River--but well--Mrs. Reynolds is a lot more likely for me v.v').

Generally I shorten my handle to Harlot when I can. Otherwise it is FullMetalHarlot or KatrinaTheLamia.

The End

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