My name came about in something of a more spectacular (and ridiculous) fashion than one might expect.

All my life I have been able to perform some truly gruesome feats with various aspects of my body. Among other things I can make my eyes quake in their sockets, splay my toes out like fingers and even almost get my tongue to the tip of my nose. These somewhat strange actions, coupled with my general eccentricness, earned me the nickname of Spooky, which was later shortened to Spook. People rarely call me anything else now, even my parents!

The "OfNight" component of my name came about one Halloween night when trick-or-treating with some friends of mine. I was in a devil costume (pitchfork and whippy tail inclusive) and decided to creep ahead and jump out of the hedges to scare my two friends. I did, and believe you me I have never seen a vampire and a witch jump so high in all my life. One of my friends remarked that I was a regular "Night Spook", which I then turned into a sort of title as "Spook Of the Night". I shortened it down to "SpookOfNight" and have subsequently come to now use it as my Protag name.

And so here ends my tale... but I shall return! Mwua ha ha ha ha!

The End

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