Hokage Kuma (a.k.a. The Wall)

The tale of Hokage Kuma is not fraught with danger, beautiful maidens or monstrous dragons, but it is actually rather... simple. You see, in middle school, I was always the sort of big brother figure in a group made up of, predominantly, girls. This coupled with my long shaggy hair (which looks almost exactly like Jimmy Page's in my profile picture) earned me the nickname "Brother Bear".

One fine day, my friends decided they wanted to find Japanese alter-ego names for themselves. Well, after looking it up, I discovered the Japanese word for "bear" was "kuma", and so, Kuma I became. Hokage is (and please correct me if I'm wrong, haven't verified in a long while) Japanese for "shadow" or something like that, although it could be fire or lightning, given my amazing memory. And so, Hokage Kuma my name became.

"The Wall", as many of you know, is the psychadelic trip film by Pink Floyd. My real last name (le gasp!) is Wall, and the rest is histoire.

The End

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