Amber, or Ritu?

Once upon a time, a girl named Amber was born, at the age of 14. Yes, you read right. When she was born, she was 14. This is possible since the proud mother of Amber was a writer, who brought her into existence in a short story called On The Top. And that writer is Yours Truly.

So, I named this character in my short story Amber, and just a few weeks after I wrote it, I joined this lovely site. As I was on the Sign Up! page, contemplating whether I should use my usual internet name eternal_ritu or make up something more innovative, the name Amber popped into my head, because the character in my short story was based on me. And Amber was such a beautiful name. So I tried Amber. Someone before me had taken the name, the site said, and it was unavailable. So I tried Ritu, and got the same result. Then, my massive brain got a beautiful idea: Why not encorporate both Amber and Ritu in my name? So, that is how I came up with Amberactuallyritu :)

And you?

The End

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