Its not the most interesting story but it has history to me and its my online identity. other places.  About a year and half ago my friend Matt inspired me to make youtube videos.  Not the greatest videos mind you if you look me up on youtube but entertaining.  Anyways at the time I had to make it from a videogame and some sort of voilent angry ending. I chose killer for the violent ending.

Chimra from a called game Resistance fall man , and two. Very good games by the way I suggest you play them sometime if your into first person shooters.  Now people constantly ask me why 2.  I could have had the name chimerakiller but I decided chimerakiller2 sounded better now you can judge me ans say no its the other way around.

Afterthat my first good creation on youtube was Link meets an evil fishy. after that I tried abridging for orcarina of time it sucked escpecaillay after I realized I could never beat Adamwestlapdog. So I gave that one up. After that I went to making videogame music videos , and anime music videos. so now every interent thing I run into I make the username chimerakiller2 so if you see it out there you know its me.

The End

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