I would love to say that there is a crazy, wacky, perhaps even adventurous story behind my name, but alas, there is not. It is simply my initials wrapped up in a pretty arrangement of periods and mystery.

When I first began writing I knew that I wanted to be a sort of "mystery", like J.K. Rowling and T.S Eliot (though, please do not be mad at the connection that I have drawn, I know that they are completely different, preferably one better than the other). I like the mystery of people wondering, who is 'D.F.M' exactly? Could it be a woman who lives like a hermit? Or perhaps, a business person with a winding dream about doing something besides office work? I know it sounds bland, but hey, everyone has a dream. 

D[ayla] F[uentes]- M[orales]

I wonder how many in the future will try to decipher this while reading one of my novels?


p.s. TheRiverTalker, interesting that your muse has twisted itself so much around your life, eh? :)

The End

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