I've always been secretly fascinated by angels, not the pretty, white-winged halo sort. Angels with scabbed wings of black feathers, scarred wrists and rusting halos.

When I joined Protagonize, my favourite song at the time was 'Angel With The Scabbed Wings' by Marilyn Manson. I wanted to take Angel-With-The-Scabbed-Wings as my name, but it was above the allowed amount of characters. I thought back over my dark poems and took 'Angel-of-Darkness' as my name.

If I publish, one of the pen-names I've considered is Angel Lavey. Angel, after my username and the song that inspired it, and Lavey after Anton Lavey (Satanism philospher) to put the effect of something asscociated with good, and something ascociated with evil in the same name (no, I'm not a Satanist)

The End

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