My user name is quite simple compared to some of the more "creative" ones out there.

Back in the days, when I was first signing up for an account, something went wrong with the process so it woudn't let me register. I, being me, thought it was the username that was keeping it from letting me go through(The one that I wanted was Nikki123). I have some difficulties with picking usernames for myself, so the only one I could think of was Doodler123. I typed it in, but it still wouldn't go through. So I called up my good friend Skittles98 on Skype, and turns out I needed to uncheck one of the boxes that had been checked. I tried it and it worked perfectly.

But then I realized that I was stuck with the username. After a little while on Protag, I realized it kind of suited me. At school, I can be seen doodling on my worksheets or homework. I love to draw when I'm not writing in my free time.

Even though I like the name, I still wish I could change it for something more exotic, like, The Doodler, or THE DOODLER or IHaveAGiantGreenMonkey or RainbowUnicorn or something like that.

The End

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