Of Poisoned Words...

'Oh, look,' they say, eyes wide. 'It's Poison-Ink. Watch out, she'll put venom in your hearts with the slightest words.'

One friend turns to another with furtive glances towards the brunette walking shyly down the hallway and whispers, 'I heard she turned some of her friends against the others because of how she wrote of them backstabbing her! Honest truth!'

The brunette sighs - obviously, the words were not said quiet enough to be hidden from her sharp hearing. She watches a group as they attempt to stare her down, but she merely chuckles at their failure to intimidate her. It had always been as such.

This girl is named Jessica, and she comes from a weird family, but from even weirder friends. One day, she was inspired by one of her favourite authors. 'I want to be just like them when I grow up!' she was thinking. And so, she began on her dream by writing, by allowing those pent-up words to flow from her hand, through her pen and onto paper.

That was the moment her life changed.

Jess continued her life, writing as she pleased. Until, one bright day, two of her best friends decided to play with her heart and stab her in the back. She went home and cried herself to sleep that night, convinced they hated her. She then wrote several diary entries based on their betrayal. They were kept a secret until ten days ago. This young brunette then showed them to one of her friends, who suddenly felt hatred sparking within him toward the two.

She writes her words in ink, and they can poison the mind, manipulate your heart, tug at your soul. She writes poisoned words with poison ink.

The End

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