Curiosity Killed the Cat

Once upon a time, in a driveway not too far away, a cat got rolled over.

She had apparently been licking the salt off the pavement one snowy morning, doing all important cat things that humans don't understand, when a car backed out of a garage and surprisingly (to both the car and the cat) rolled over a bump that had certainly not been there before.

This cat's name was Kyu. A small, friendly and all too curious tabby from a shelter who had been adopted by a friend of mine. Having been fond of the cat, and finding its name incredibly cool, I decided to adapt "Kyu" into my own alias.

After phonetically rearranging the name, and adding the imaginary suffix -shan to the end, I had completed my quest. I had created a name that kept Kyu close, yet had been distanced enough for me to not feel like a theif of name. I had even added my own personal suffix!

The End

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