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"So how did you find out about this place?" I asked Lily whiles sorting my own case out.

"I saw an advert in the paper the other day, my friend Jessie didn't believe such a place was possible without men." Lily informed me. "What about you"?

"I was in one of those internet cafés near, where I live and this thing popped up. Saying Spring Camp For Independent Women.'" I explained. The door suddenly opened making both me and Lily shut up, waiting to see the new arrive.

"Hey." Lily spoke first, I smiled about to say hello to her myself when she spoke. 

"Hi... I'll be back in a minute." She replied leaving her suitcase in the door.

"Hi, bye." I said the suitcase. "Well she looks happy to be here." I commented

"You think, wonder what's with her?" Lily questioned.

"Should we go and explore our pris- I mean ‘camp'?" I said sarcastically.

"Funny, might as well. We might bump into that other woman." Lily grabbed her jacket and we closed the door behind us.

"It's like a ghost town, surly it should be busier then this." Lily noted.

"Maybe we're early or something." I replied. "There's a building there, look ‘games' room, lets take a look."

We made our way other to the smallish looking building, both looking hopeful. I opened the door and sighed with relief, seeing a group of middle aged people, playing cards. Next door there was a sign saying, ‘canteen this way', with a arrow pointing down the corridor.

"God, I hope there not playing strip poker." Lily whispered to me, I couldn't help but laugh under my breath.

"Good point, I never was good at that game." I whispered back. The room it self wasn't too bad. Lots of windows and thick deep blue carpet with a odd stain in it. Normal looking tables and chair, then a flat screen T.V. on the wall.

"Pool table." I also noticed right in the corner. Me and Lily went over to the pool table, when we heard a loud voices coming from one of the windows. Sneaky we both went up to the window and lifted the net curtaining to get a better view, to see what was going on. It was the girl from before shouting at the ‘matron' as I called her.

"Hey! Oh come on lady, what do you want from me?!" The girl was shouting growing more and more red in the face.   

"She really doesn't look happy." I said to Lily.

"Yep well no wonder look" Lily said pointing to the girl's car.

"Why the hell is she doing that?" I questioned. "Do you think we should go out?"

"Yer, I wanna see if she done anything to my car." Lily replied heading for the door.

I never thought about that. "She better have not touched my mini."

"You have got to be joking." I gasped out seeing that horrible bight yellow clamp in my wheel. "Lily have you"?

"Yes. How dare she? What if we need to get out of here?" Lily was getting angry too.

"Look lets just go and talk to the woman about it." I said calmly, but when I turned round to face the ‘matron', she already walking away, clip board in hand. The girl was kicking the clap around her car wheel in anger.

"Fancy a drink?" I touched her shoulder, thinking about that bottle of wine in the bottom of my bag. She looked up a little weary.

"What is there a bar here?" She shot back.

"If only." Lily said to her coming to stand next to me.

"No, not that we've seen. But, I did happen to slip a bottle of wine into my suitcase without her, when I got here." Pointing my finger to the office where, what was her name? Francis was heading.

The girl's face softens a little and smiled, she nodded and all three of us went back to our cabin.

"I never got to say before." The girl began. "My name Cindy."

"Hi, well I'm Ally." I told her passing her a plastic cup with the wine in.

"And I'm Lily. Hey again." Lily smiled taking her cup.

I put mine into the middle and said. "Well girls of Pankhurst cabin, I wish us luck."

"Laugher." Cindy said joining.

"And a good time." Lily also chipped in.

"And friendship. Cheers." I barely knew these girls, but already there was something there between us. We just took one slip when the door slammed open.

"No alcohol on campus ladies!" Francis bellowed to us all. Then she stormed over to where the bottle was and snatched it away, slamming the door behind her.

"You know, I've seen her three times and I already wanna slap her in the face."

"Ally, that's erm well?" Lily began.

"Right on?" Cindy said. Then we all started laughing.   



The End

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