Cindy - I want OutMature

Driving up to the camp in my small car it didn't exactly make the best first impressions.  With the small sign that read 'Welcome to The Spring Camp for Independant Woman' swinging slowly in the wind it made the whole atmosphere slightly eery even though the sun was shining bright in the sky.  

Pulling into the parking spaces there was somebody already there to greet me. 

"Hello." She slightly sneered as I attempted to get out the car with out showing anything that might offend anyone through my miniskirt. 

"Alright." I tried to smile sweatly as I got my bright pink trunk out from the back seat. 

"Name." she groaned with no enthusiasm.

"Cindy Dunst." 

"Cabin three. Oh, and welcome to Camp."

"Erm, thanks." I suppose I thought on the way. 
Lugging the giant case up to the cabin in six inch heels wasn't exactly the most easiest thing in the world to do. Getting closer I heard laughing. Guess I wasn't the only one here then. I did see the two others cars when I parked, but I pressumed they were for grumpy and the receptionist, who was insedently sharpening her nails as I looked through the windows on the way past the reception building. 

Walking through the cabin doors backwards there was sudden silence. Turning and taking off my sun glasses there were two woman already unpacking there suitcases.

"Hey." One of them said. 

"Hi... I'll be back in a minute." I left my suitcase in the door and nearly ran to reception. Slamming my hands on the desk and shocking the poor girl behind it "Okay lady, I want out! Now, seriously this is my side of hell and believe me, I've seen a lot of it."

"I'm afraid you can't 'get out'" she smiled twirling her bleach blonde hair extensions round her grubby finger.

"What do you mean I can't get out?!" 

"Once your here there's no getting out." 

"What is this some kind of bloody cult?!"

"No. We teach you how to be a lady and your hear until you learn that."

"No. You let me out of here. Preferably right now and I don't do anything drastic."

"Why don't you just go back to your cabin."

"Why don't you go and see a better hairdresser, or at least get better hair extensions." I said walking out towards my car. The woman who greeted me was putting a clamp on my car.

"Hey!" I shouted, "Oh come on lady, what do you want from me?!" 

The End

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