Pankhurst cabin- AllyMature

The music was blasting out of the car windows as I drove down the country lane. I had already investigated the small town to pick up some essentials; tooth brush, razors, shower gel, map and of course chocolate. Also not for getting the wine, which I might had to hide from the staff. It be like school all over again. I finally arrived and parked next to a battered Ford Ka, my sliver mini cooper fitted in nicely.

I was just opening my boot when suddenly a voice out of nowhere made me jump.

 "Hello and welcome to the Spring Camp. My name is Francis and I'm your co-ordinator during your stay. Can I take your name please?"

 I turned to face a large woman holding a clip board. Her hair was strapped back into a tight pony tail, her light blue eyes waiting for my reply.

"Sorry. Alison Roaster."

"Ah yes here you are. Alison." She said pointing to my name on the listed.

"I rather be called Ally." She turned her face up at that but nodded.

"Ok then Ally. Your in Pankhurst, the cabins are just there." Emphasizing Ally for me. I wheeled my suite to the log cabin saying thank you and not really listening to her anymore.

‘Pankhurst cabin', the plank said on the front of the cabin. Here it goes I thought opening door. I could hear that I was not alone in the cabin; well in fact there were 6 beds. A woman about my age was busy trying to cram her suite case in the wardrobes.

"Come on." She muttered clearly getting frustrated.

"Here if you take that out your have room. Maybe in the draws." I suggested to her pointing to the thick looking jumper that was hanging up.

"Tried it. Dam thing just too big." She huffed.

"How about you put it on one of the beds? Or something? Erm sorry I didn't mean to interrupt you or anything." I told her taking the bed next to her unzipping my own case.

"I don't mind. Nice to finally see other people." She smiled.

"Other then the matron guarding the grounds." I joked the mincing holding a clip board. We both laughed and it felt nice to laugh with stranger.

"I'm Ally by the way."

"Hey, I'm Lily."           

The End

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