Spring Camp here I come - LilyMature

'I can't believe you feel you have to go to this camp thing to get over Joe, what are the rest of us here for?'  My sister, Jess, was sitting on the small sofa in my tiny flat, a mug of steaming coffee in her hands.

'It's nothing to do with you.  I just need to see some different faces for a while and it's not that I don't appreciate what you and Tom do for me.  I just need to find myself.'  I took a sip of my coffee, burning my mouth and grimacing.

'Well at least give me a number to call you on.'  Jess could be stubborn as hell when she wanted.

'Call me on my mobile.'  Jess put her coffee down on the floor and came and hugged me.  'Hey what's up?'

'Nothing, I just worry about my baby sister that's all.  Promise you'll call me when you get there safely.'

'If it'll stop you nagging.'  We always joked about Jess being a nagging old woman, simply because she was so much older than me, almost ten years older.  After I'd finished my coffee I grabbed my suitcase and carefully made sure all the lights were turned off before locking my front door behind me.

'Now remember I'm just a phonecall away.'  Jess looked like she was  tearing up as she looked through my car window.

'If I need anything I will call.  You know I will.'  We kissed each other on the cheek and said goodbye before I wound up my window and got ready to leave, going methodically through my mental checklist.  Map, check.  Snacks, check.  Music, check.  Suitcase, check.  OK I'm ready to go.

Jess waved at me as I started  my engine and was still waving when she finally dropped out of view.  This trip was going to do me good, I could tell.  I turned on the CD-player in my battered old Ford Ka, turning the volume up and singing loudly all the way down the motorway.


Three hours later I arrived, feeling tired and looking like I'd been dragged through a hedge backwards.  Maybe driving with the windows down hadn't been such a good idea, no matter how sunny it was.  I hadn't been prepared for what it would look like, a clearing in the middle of no where but close enough to a town that you could still hear the traffic.  A large woman with a clip board approached me as I got out of my car.

'Hello and welcome to the Spring Camp.  My name is Francis and I'm your co-ordinator during your stay.  Can I take your name please?'

'Lily Stevenson.'  I pulled my suitcase out from my tiny boot and narrowly avoided dropping it on the woman's foot.

'OK then Lily, you're in that building over there,' she pointed to what looked like a log cabin.  'Pankhurst cabin.  You choose your bed and meet your room mates when they arrive.'  She smiled a fake smile at me, hinting for me to leave the car park and get ready.  'Meals are served in the eating hall just over there.'  She pointed to another, slightly bigger building.  'If you need any help then find me or any other member of my team and we'll be happy to help you.'

'Thank you.'  I smiled insincerely back at her and began dragging my suitcase towards the cabin.  At least I'll get a proper bed, I thought.  There were six beds in my cabin and I was the only person to have arrived yet.

With great effort I pulled my suitcase up onto the bed by the window and unzipped it.  'Right then, let's unpack first and call Jess later.'  I sang to myself as I unpacked my clothes and put them in the draws under my bed or hung them in one of the wardrobes.  Hopefully it wasn't going to be too bad, I hoped.  Someone else turning up would be a good start.

The End

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