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Just 3 more hours, I thought to myself, putting the bacon under the grill.

"Chicken salad to order, Alison." Mac my manger called to me.

"Mac just come here a minute." I replied, he came over to the hatch smiling like a naughty school boy.


"How long have you known me?" I questioned

"2 years. Why?"

"And in those 2years, since when have you ever called me Alison. Even on my name tag I have Ally." I said keeping my voice calm as possible. Alison was my full name, but I liked being called Ally for short.

"It's just fun winding you up." He smirked and went back to the till.

  6:00 couldn't come fast enough as I went out back to collect my bag and jacket.

"Someone in a rush tonight." Caroline comment.

"No kidding, Jake just finished decorating the bedroom. So erm yer." I smiled at the end, thinking of Jake my long term boyfriend. We were childhood sweet hearts.

"Well tell me all of the juicy details tomorrow." We laughed as we headed out of the café.

The park was still full of people enjoy the spring night air. Children zoomed past me on their bikes. Mums with their toddlers, on the swings. Even some pensioners were out walking their dogs and couples hand in hand, dazing into each others eyes.

I crossed the road and noticed that my sister car was parked near by the flats. She must be helping Jake out. Steph was 3 years older then me, we were more like twins. Same dark brown short hair, hers curlier then mine. Same slim built and height. Except I had jade green eyes and she had sky blue. I got my keys out ready and ran the rest of the way to the door.

As I put the key in the lock my stomach felt strange. Must be butterflies or something, seeing Jake always made my heart beat execrate. I dump my bag in the dark hallway, kicked my shoes off. No-one was in the kitchen, nor the living room. I even checked the bathroom, someone had had a shower. My dressing gown was missing from behind the door. Only room I hadn't checked was the bedroom. I could faintly hear some noises from behind the door. I turned the door knob slowly, and then I open the bedroom door.

It was dark in here; the curtains were closed blocking the world out. Then I could hear the voices more clearly. I found the light switch on the wall. The voices stopped dead. I gasped at the scene before me. My new bed had two people in it. One was my sister; she was sitting up with the quilt around her body. I couldn't see who the other guy was.

"Steph? Like what the hell?!" I shouted. "How dare you sleep in mine and Jake's bed? What's wrong with your own?!"

"Ally. I. Erm. Look we didn't want you to find out like this." She replied.

"Still haven't answered my question. Why my mine and Jake's bed. Like what the hell wrong with your own?" Her face was blank and worried, really worried.

"Look, just get dressed. Strip the sheets." I turned my back on her, I could hear something like muffled laugher, but I guess that I was her random guy.

It wasn't until I was pouring a glass of red wine did I really click. What was it that she said. ‘We didn't want you to find out like this'. The word ‘we', kept repeating in my head. I edge closer to the bedroom door listening.

"Ok, so that went well." Steph whispered.

"You think? Dam. I can't believe we risked it." The other voice replied.

"O'Jake what's life without a few ricks." Steph laughed.

No. She couldn't have. Jake. It can't be my Jake surly. I don't believe it. But I didn't move from the door. They didn't speck again. Suddenly the door opened and Steph was standing there, her face shocked.


"Can I just ask who it is you've got in my room?"

"No one, they erm. Went out. You closed the kitchen door right? You probably didn't see them leave." She lied. I could see it in her eyes.

"Wouldn't lie to me would you Stephanie? Your own blood sister?" I asked sweetly.

Her face fell; she wouldn't look me in the eye. "Erm. Jake a little help?" She said in a weak, guilty voice.

Then the man himself came to the door, shirtless. His face was a mix of emotions as he seen me. I dropped the glass of red wine, making the glass shatter over the floor.  

"Ally. This doe"-

"Don't." I snapped. "Just don't you dare say it."

"We didn't want it to come out like this." Jake said.

"Ally I'm sorry. I just look. O'my god. I'm sor"-

I cut her off her babbling speech by slapping her hard across the face. My hand was stinging from the slap; I had left a big red mark on the side of her face.

"Get out of my flat." I looked down at her. When she wouldn't move, I grabbed a fist full of her dark brown curly hair and dragged her out the door. I slammed the front door.

"Ally babe. Please listen." Jake pleaded grabbing my wrist. I glared at him, he let go. I went straight the wardrobe, picking up a pair of scissors on my way. I opened his side of the wardrobe.


I began cutting his shirts, t-shirts. He came rushing in shouting waving the ruin clothes around. I moved on to the bathroom, I found his aftershave bottles.

"Babes what are you doing? Sweetie I think you're over reacting." Jake told me. Then I smashed his aftershave bottles, throwing some at the wall.

"Stop!" He shouted in my face, holding me.

"Why? Is this hurting you? Seeing your stuff broken up? Having nothing left in the world? Thinking how can someone do this to my stuff?" Angry ripped though me.

I broke free off him; I found the photos of us. I smashed them to.

"Because that's how my heart feels right about now. I keep thinking how can someone do this to me? I feel broken. Almost as if I have nothing left, I can't be fixed." I went into the bedroom, Jake followed me. "Take what's left of your shite and get out of what's left of my life."

I grabbed my keys before slamming the door shut I said. "I've always hated being called babe."

 It started to rain as I ran though the park, the rain drops hidden my tears from passing strangers. But something my mum used to say to me kept ringing in my ears.

"Rain may wash away your tears, but it doesn't wash away your broken heart..." 



The End

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