Good For You Girl - LilyMature

'Good ridance is all I can say,' said Jessie as he helped me dress the dummy in the shop window.  'I knew there was something not right about him, but would you listen to me?  No, because Lily knows what she's doing.'

'I know and I should've listened to you.  At least he's out of my life for good now and I can move on.'  I straightened the shirt and stood back to admire our handy work.  'I think this is done.'

'Great.'  Jessie climbed back onto the shop floor and made his way over to the tills, where I took over from Lisa who went to help customers on the shop floor.  'So at the first opportunity, I'm taking you out for a night on the town.' 

I groaned.  'Come on Jessie, I know what you're like.  A night on the town with you means I'll end up waking up in a strange bedroom, naked with some guy I don't know, a pounding headache and no clue what happened the night before.'

'But you love it really.'  Jessie winked at me before turning to serve a customer.

Jessie was my sometimes gay, always camp best friend who I'd known for about as long as I could remember.  While I was in a steady relationship with Joe, spending my nights at home with a tub of Ben and Jerry's ice cream and a soppy rom-com, Jessie had been out on the town, partying 'til dawn and generally getting smashed.  He'd had so many one night stands I'd need at least another ten arms to have enough fingers to count them on.

'But seriously, I need to do something new with my life and I don't mean getting into another relationship, even if it is only for one night.'  I smiled at a customer as they walked happily out the door.

'So what is it you're planning to do then?  Convert to buddism and become a hermit?'  I kicked Jessie hard in the shins as he laughed at me.  'Hey!  No fair.'

'Serves you right.'  I laughed before pulling a straight face again.  'I am serious though, I need to get away from this place for a bit, meet some new people and have some fun.  Without men.  I think I've had enough of them to last me a lifetime.'

'So you're going to bat for the other side now are you?'  I raised my hand to whack Jessie again but he looked so pathetic hiding behind his hands I only pretended to hit him.  'But seriously, where are you going to find somewhere without any men?  That place just doesn't exist.'   I put my hand in my jeans pocket, feeling the advert I'd torn from my paper this morning.  Jessie would laugh at me if I told him where I was planning to go but surely it was worth it for his opinion.

'I think I've found it.'  I pulled out the ad and showed it to him.

Spring Camp for Independant Women

In a society dominated by men, it is important for women to retain their independance.  This is why the Spring Camp for Independant Women has been founded.  The camp runs for two weeks just before Easter and is staffed and attended completely by women.  Whether you are trying to get ahead in business or just plain sick of men, contact us on 07954 683982 if you are interested in attending.

'Are you nuts?  This is some hippy, girl-power sort of thing.'  Jessie looked genuinely shocked, rather than amused.

'I think this is my chance to find out who I am.'  Jessie shrugged at me.

'Well it's you descision babe, but if I were you then I would avoid it at all costs.'

'That settles it then.  I'm going to call them up straight after work.'

The End

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