The Usual Drill - CindyMature

"Damn bastard cheated on me again." facing the bartender and fellow slag, I slumped down on the bar stool after my shift at the club. 

"Again?!" She raised her eyebrows, pulling down her tight, neon pink, tank top. 

"Yep." I sighed. 
"Well you know the drill." she smiled filling up a shot glass with vodka,

"Hell yeah!" Grinning I downed it and turned to assessed the sleazy guys, who were still here at one a.m, looking at the next girl dance. As it was my out of work hours what I was about to do was officially counted as cheated and that's exactly what I wanted. 

With my six incher heels not making a sound on the floor as the music was so loud, I wrapped my arms around an all right looking guy and whispered in his ear from behind "Hey, fancy an exclusive?" 


"Good morning twat-face" I said as Tony, my 'boyfriend' stumbled through the door. 

"Morning babes." he mumbled as I poured my coffee wearing only the man I nailed last night shirt and small knickers.

"Hey I left you a present in the bedroom." I sipped at the coffee grinning on the inside. 



He stumbled through the small hall way and into the bathroom, I tried not to laugh at the silence. 

"What the hell Cindy?!" 

"Awww you not like the feeling of being cheated on?" I called, 

"You bitch" he stormed into the kitchen,

"I'm the bitch? Wow that's rich coming from you isn't it?!" 

"You are gunna pay for this, this is the last time you've done this to me." 

"To you?!" I flung the mug of coffee at the wall behind him as Kieran, walked into the kitchen carefully in only his boxer shorts. 

"What's going on?" he asked,

"Oh nothing dear." I smiled sweetly at him,  

"You," Tony addressed Kieran like a dog, "What's your deal then?" 

"Excuse me?" 

"You heard." 

"Oh shut up Tony, you muppet. Now just get out..." Nobody moved, " Both of you." I prompted, "Erm, well I don't have a shirt. Your kinda wearing it." Kieran weakly smiled. He was holding up pretty well compared to the others, they usually just ran out in only there underwear, too scared of Tony.

"Second draw down."

"Thanks." he said slowly looking at Tony, to see if he was gunna do anything. 

"Tony get out." I shoved him towards the door but he pushed me back.  "Fine." I stormed in on Kieran in the bedroom who was still getting dressed and grabbed everything out of Tony's underwear draw. Picking up everything from designer ties and boxer shorts. "You want to play like this?"

"What are you doing?" He questioned angrily, I walked past him into the living room and went towards the shredder and turned it on.  I could see him put two and two together,

"Don't. You. Dare." 

"Get out." 

"No."  I pulled out one of the tie's and hovered it over the quickly spinning blades. 

"Get out." 

"No Cindy, this is my flat too you whore!" Feeding the tie through the blades and laughed "Woops!"  

The End

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