The Spring Camp for Independant WomenMature

Three women, all fed up with men, see the same advert for a spring camp, consisting of only women. When they finally meet a strong friendship is formed...


'I hate you!'  I threw another plate at his head.  Unfortunately he ducked, the plate only narrowly missing him.  'You lying, cheating bastard!'

'I think you're over reacting just a little Lilz.'

'Over reacting?!  You tell me you are sleeping with your secretary and I'M OVER REACTING!'  My boyfriend, Joe, backed slowly away, seeing the crazed look in my eyes.

'Well maybe over reacting isn't the right word.'  Another plate flew at his head and missed.  'Come on Lily, let's sit down and talk about this calmly like sensible adults.'  His calm tone only infuriated me more.

'You want me to be calm?  I am furious with you Joe, how can you expect me to keep calm when you have ruined our three year relationship because you couldn't keep your trousers on?'  I screamed again because I had run out of ammunition to throw at him so I had to resort to running at him, hair and fists flailing like a mad thing.

'It's not like that Lily.'  Joe tried to grab my wrists and stop the onslaught of blows I was raining down on him.  'If you would just listen to me for one second you would see it isn't that bad.'  I froze, arms in mid-air, and looked up at him.

'Not that bad.  I'm sorry, in what world is cheating on your girlfriend NOT BAD?'  Joe quickly tried to back-track.

'Well I didn't mean not bad, it's more not as bad as you are making it out to be-'

'You know what Joe?  I've had enough of your excuses.  I want you to take your stuff and never show your face round here ever again.'

'Come on babe, you don't mean that.'  Joe stood his ground, wrapping his arms around my waist.

'I most certainly do mean it.' I violently pulled away from him.  'And if you won't leave with your stuff then I will just have to make you.'  I crossed my arms and gave him my 'no nonsense' face.

'OK then, make me.'  Joe smiled smugly to himself as he mirrored my pose.

'Right then.'  I stormed into our bedroom and opened his side of the chest of drawers, grabbing everything I could find and throwing it on the floor.  When I had emptied the draws I went back into the kitchen and got plasic bin bags from under the sink and marched back into the bedroom.  Joe hadn't moved.

I stuffed all his clothes into the plastic bags then went back into our tiny kitchen/living room and held the bags out to him.  'Last chance to leave quietly.' 

Joe stubbornly shook his head.  'I'm not leaving.'

OK then you asked for it, I thought as I moved towards the window.  Pushing it out as far as it would go I tipped all his clothes out the window and onto the pavement three storeys below.

'You little bitch!  Why did you do that?'  Joe ran to the window and looked down at his clothes floating towards the road and the people on the street looking up at them.

'Call it payback.  Now get out!'  I pushed his chest, steering him towards the door and slamming it in his face before he could say anything else. 

There was suddenly silence in my flat.  I could only hear the sound of passing cars and Joe crashing down the stairs.  I finally felt free.  For three years I had been stuck in a relationship with a man I knew wasn't right for me.  The strange thing was, now that he was gone I had no idea what to do next. 

The End

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