I thought I knew everything there was to know.  I thought it would be a relatively easy shift; I never expected so many complications.  How do you manage to keep her?  I can't hold her gaze for thirty seconds but I see you darting around inside her molten eyes.  She sees nothing but you.

She's never going to move on.  She refuses to believe you're gone, refuses to acknowledge the reality.  I can't fault her there, it certainly isn't an easy blow to shrug off.  I used to think you were indestructable.

But then, I made that mistake with father, too.

I can hardly believe it's been six months since the letter came.  They had to have found your body, right?  They wouldn't send a letter like that unless they knew without a doubt, would they?

She must be dellusional.  Sometimes she says she can feel you, that sometimes she feels a second heartbeat in her ribs.  I can't ever detect it when I take her pulse, but she insists it's there.  Sometimes I think she sees you when she looks at me.  At one time, I would have thought that would benefit me; instead it just hurts.

I feel like I'm losing her a little more every day.  There's always a battle to be fought, always some demon breaking down her doors.

How did you do this every day?  I wake up exhausted, I go to bed worse.  Every time I think of her I feel drained.  I guess we were entirely different, after all.  I can't take her, I'm not strong enough to pull her through.

I'm not you.

The End

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